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Sometimes when you meet someone you get that instant feeling that this person is awesome. That they will fit into your life effortlessly and fill a void that you didn’t even know existed. Along the way you figure out that your friendship becomes effortless and that they are a genuinely beautiful person – inside and out. Those moments don’t come along all that often, so when they do, cherish them and let that person know how much you appreciate who they are. Tell them to be-you-tiful….as always.

Showered with loveBe-YOU-tiful - Baby momma and me at her baby shower

I attended a baby shower this week for a girl that exemplifies the feelings I described above. And the funny thing is, for her, those moments aren’t all that rare. She has an uncanny knack for recognising the people that will fit her tribe and then has the courage to go up approach them and make them her friend.

The result was this beautiful collection of people in a room who all had a funny story to tell of how they met her and nothing but kind words to say about the lovely soul that she is. Just FYI, I still think my story of “She asked my husband at the park for his phone number because she really wanted to meet his wife aka me” as one of the best stories in the room. The girl who got added to the tribe after having her conversation overheard at the sign up at the gym does come a close second though.

It goes to show, if you show your be-YOU-tiful side, being you…being genuine and kind, you will surround yourself with a tribe of people that will love, support and cherish you. They will be your village to help you raise your child. And I can’t wait to meet this new addition.

Another funny little side note….almost a year ago now, I wrote this blog post about how “your vibe attracts your tribe” and yes, you guessed it…this was referencing the very same friend. She carries this theme through 😉


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Happy Monday people!

Natasha xox

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