Impossible is just an opinion – Inspirational quote printabel

It’s impossible….

You can’t do that!

You can’t move to Australia at age 19 and leave everything you’ve ever known behind.

It’s impossible to move across continents with 2 babies in tow and start your life fresh in search of a better lifestyle.

The risks you’re taking are by putting yourself out there and starting your own business will never pay off.

As a matter of fact though – yes I can and I did!

“Impossible is just an opinion” – Paulo Coehlo

Yes, there are a lot of naysayers out there. People who are afraid to try new things and will therefore always be stuck in their rut, never striving for greatness and reaching their own potential. BUT…that doesn’t mean you have to listen to them.

The bucket list family

This week, as I was doing some more research for our impending 3 generational stay at Disney – and praying it will still be there after Hurricane Irma does her thing – I came across a new Instagram and blog to follow. And let me tell you, I’m obsessed.

Meet “the bucket list family”. 2 years ago they sold everything they had to fund their travels around the world – with 2 kids in tow. WHAT??? How is that for impossible? But once again, impossible is just an opinion. They have made this journey their life and because they’re absolutely adorable, loving and fun to watch they have now found a way to fund their adventure through their blog and working with brands for sponsorship. They even got Disney World to fund them for their current adventure #30stays30days; meaning they will stay in a different Disney Hotel every day for the next 30 days….AMAZING and truly inspiring.

Impossible is just an opinion. Printable inspirational quote from Charming Chestnuts

Impossible is just an opinion – Inspirational quote printable

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So the question this week is this: What are you not doing because someone else told you it was impossible? Are you letting the fear of the unknown hold you back from your dreams? I’m here to tell you it’s ok. Have the fear and then stare it square in the face and do whatever you wanted to anyways! You are the only one who can truly hold you back.

Happy Monday people!

Natasha xox

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