regroup and refocus – Inspirational quote printable

Are you ready for some honesty? You might have noticed that I didn’t have a post for you last week. And I have a good reason for that. I have been doing some major “business-soul-searching” lately and have come to one main conclusion: I’m wearing too many hats – trying to do too much all at once, rather than doing a few things well.

I'm wearing too many hats - trying to do too much all at once, rather than doing a few things well.Click To Tweet

So I’ve decided that some things are going to have to give. I’m going to have to scale back in some aspects to give the things I truly need to focus on more room to breathe and get attention.

To that effect, I’m going to scale the printables back to bi-weekly for a while. I still love to create these designs for you all and for myself, but I want to not only give them justice, but also my other designs and projects I’ve been creating and working on behind the scenes.

So for now I’m going to regroup and refocus on sharing new high quality work with you. Here and in the ETSY shop. Stick around for exciting things to come…



regroup and refocus. Printable inspirational quote from Charming Chestnuts

regroup and refocus – Inspirational quote printable

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I hope you stick with me through this transition and are as excited for what’s to come as I am. Maybe you’ve been in a similar situation before, where you simply had to step back and say no to certain things to give others the proper attention. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. I am now and always eager to hear from you.

So until next time….

Happy Monday people!

Natasha xox

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