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We’re probably a bit ahead of our northern neighbors, but here in the South, Summer is in full swing. Sunny days in 30 degree heat (celsius – sorry the metric system seems to be deeply ingrained, I still can’t seem to be able to switch my mind to fahrenheit, inches and the like) are being spent by the pool. Kids are out for their summer break and the summer vibes can just be felt everywhere.


Being an adult now, summer of course doesn’t have the same meaning anymore as when you were in school. Work still seems to expect me to come in and my emails don’t answer themselves either. But none the less, I can’t help but smile at the sun and be grateful. I suppose I’m also reminiscing of the summer days of youth: not a care in the world except the sunburn that I would inevitably get (they don’t call me Casper the ghost for nothing), Shaggy’s “Angel” playing on the radio and the wind blowing in my hair. Summer vibes all day long.


Summer Vibes. Printable inspirational quote from Charming Chestnuts

Summer vibes – Free inspirational quote

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Are you feeling the summer vibes? Or are you still in colder climates? Does the sunshine put you in a good mood? I hope you have a great week, letting the summer vibes take over. Enjoy! Until next week…


Happy Monday people!

Natasha xox

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